Design Review Board

The Design Review Board was established to preserve and protect the historical character of Jerome. The duties of the Board are to review the exterior design of new buildings and structures, exterior alterations, signs, landscaping, and proposed demolition within Jerome to ensure that development is compatible with the surrounding environment. The Board is comprised of five members appointed by the Town Council, each of whom must reside in Jerome. Board members serve three-year terms.

Board meetings are held on the first Monday of every month (holidays excepted), beginning at 6 p.m. Meeting agendas and minutes can be viewed by following the links at the left. 

CLICK HERE to view a schedule of P&Z and DRB meeting dates and application deadlines for 2021-22.

Click here to view Design Review Board approved bylaws.

Current Board members:

Term expires:
Tyler Christensen (Chair) 2/28/2023
John McDonald 2/28/2024
Mimi Romberger 2/28/2024
Carol Wittner 2/28/2023
Brice Wood (Vice Chair) 2/28/2023