Wildfire mitigation & preparedness

In this especially active wildfire season, the Town of Jerome urges residents to stay informed and prepared in the event of a fire emergency. Here are some links with useful information:



https://youtu.be/WEk20fMKP4c: Fire Mitigation - In Case of Outage

https://youtu.be/9bDdwgA5OF0: Fire Mitigation Efforts by APS

https://youtu.be/0spcPjNRsGg: Fire Mitigation: Safety During Fire Season

https://youtu.be/2qKmqr_yZtk: Fire Mitigation: Prolonged Outage


APS message regarding current wildfires: 

6/22/21: Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) is working closely with the agencies responding to wildfires across the state. While there has been some impact to APS infrastructure due to wildfire activity, at this time there are no customers without power because of the fires and disruption in service is not currently anticipated. APS is monitoring fire progress and will coordinate with emergency response agencies in the event there is a need to take power lines out of service to protect firefighters and/or if the fire or smoke impacts electrical infrastructure. APS customers can visit aps.com/outagecenter for information on how to be prepared for an outage and to view the APS outage map.



Contact Info

Jerome Fire Department
101 Main Street, Jerome, AZ
(928) 649-3034