Frequently Asked Questions

What if the Court is closed?

The Court will close several times during the year for mandatory training and mandatory meetings. You may want to call and confirm that we are open to avoid unnecessary driving. Your options for paying your citation will be online, by mail or the drop box located on the 2nd floor inside the building next to the Town Hall window, with provided envelopes for your convenience.

How do I obtain copies of my records?

If you need copies of your records complete this form. Payment is required prior to processing copies. Please allow six of our business days to complete.

Do I get a marriage license from you?

No, we do not issue marriage licenses. You may contact any Superior Court in the State of Arizona. In Yavapai County, there are two Superior Courts; Camp Verde location 928-567-7741; Prescott location 928-771-3312.

What do I need to do if I want the Judge to perform my wedding?

Call the Court (928-649-3250) to determine availability of the Judge. You must have your marriage license and two witnesses. There is no charge if performed during operating hours.

What am I required to do if I have received a citation for a criminal or criminal traffic offense?

You MUST appear in court on the date and time indicated on the citation. Failure to do so may result in a failure to appear charge and warrant for your arrest.

If you retain an attorney to handle the case, your attorney can file a notice of appearance and a plea of not guilty on your behalf.

What happens if I fail to appear for a Criminal Violation?

If you fail to appear for your Arraignment or any other scheduled court date you may be subject to additional charges and a warrant for your arrest may be issued. If you know you will be unable to attend, you MUST in writing contact the Court and request a continuance at least five days prior to your scheduled date.

If you are under 18 years of age and have received a citation for a criminal traffic violation you and your parent or guardian MUST appear on the Court date and time noted on your citation.

There is a warrant out for my arrest. What do I do?

Call the Court ASAP. You may be able to appear in court to see the judge. You also may pay a bail/bond at GovPay.net and be given a new court date.  


How can I make payments on my citation?

Contact the Court on or before your appearance date; or complete the Request for Payment Plan and email or fax to the Court on or before your appearance date and time. A one-time $20.00 fee is assessed for payment contracts.