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New water and sewer rates to take effect on February 1


Following extensive analyses over the past several years, numerous requests for public input, and a public hearing on November 13, 2023, the Town will be adjusting water and sewer rates for all users to account for the increasing cost of providing services, along with the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant. 

The Town Council considered many alternatives and settled on the rate structure alternative with the lowest impact to its citizens while still meeting all financial obligations and grant requirements.  The Council deliberated for many days, weeks, and months ahead of this decision and they will be analyzing the rates yearly to ensure they provide the lowest rates to Town citizens and businesses, while still covering the costs of service.  

The new wastewater treatment plant and subsequent water system improvements will ensure the Town has appropriate water and sanitary sewer services for years to come.  Even with the increase costs going into effect, the Town still has the lowest municipal rates in the area by a considerable margin and some of the lowest rates in the entire southwest United States.

You can view the new rate schedule, which will take affect February 1, 2024, at this link: https://www.jerome.az.gov/documents/76/663_Establishing_Water___Sewer_Rates_Fees_and_Charges_w_Exhibit_A.pdf