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Warning regarding phone solicitations


This just in from Terry Keller, president of the Verde Valley Fire and EMS Chiefs Association:

The Verde Valley Fire and EMS Chiefs Association has become aware that some residents of the Verde Valley/Sedona area have received phone solicitations for donations from the "Firefighters Support Association PAC". The Verde Valley Fire and EMS Chiefs Association would like to advise local residents that the "Firefighters Support Association PAC" does not represent, and is NOT endorsed by any Fire or EMS districts/departments serving the Verde Valley/Sedona area. The Verde Valley Fire and EMS Association is comprised of the Chief Officers of the Sedona Fire District, Copper Canyon Fire & Medical District, Jerome Fire Department, Cottonwood Fire & Medical Department, Verde Valley Fire District and the Verde Valley Ambulance Company. We strongly recommend before donating to any group that associates themselves with the Fire Service or Emergency Medical Service community, that you contact your local Fire District/Department to determine if the solicitor is actually representing your local Fire/EMS agency. As a rule, your local fire & EMS agencies do NOT solicit donations by phone and we recommend against making donations to phone solicitors who state they represent Fire Service or EMS organizations.

We would also like to take this opportunity to publically thank all of our communities and visitors for their continued support of our efforts to help protect your lives and property and to keep you from harm- and in this case, perhaps even financial harm.